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Year: 2005

Authorship: Interactive design: Juan Ospina

Drawing tablet, computer, software.

Flipbook! is a software application which allows people to easily create frame animation by doodling on the drawing tablet. Each frame is saved and played back making a simple animated clip of the viewer’s line drawings. All the animations are displayed as part of the installation, additionally the viewer may choose to print out the animation with instruction of how to create their own paper Flipbook! or share their prints on the wall of the gallery.

Flipbook! received a grand prize recognition from the Japan Media Arts Award 2006.

Flipbook! first launched in february 2005, and since then has collected more than 300,000 animations contributed by the viewer.  In april 2006, Benetton incorporated Flipbook! to its online game website and continues to support the development of the Flipbook! application.

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