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Year: 2010

Authorship: Clarity Kaufmann

Fabrica produces the CD "Careless", born by the collaboration between two young Fabrica residents, the korean illustrator Maia Ruth Lee and the british musician Christopher Knowles, embarked upon a poetry project in which they wrote under the pseudonym "Clarity Kaufmann".

After nocturnal experiments with guitars, melodicas and glockenspiels this project took a musical direction.
The album "Careless" reflects intimately upon the experience of new beginnings, and new departures. Distilled in the lyrical and musical approaches is a desire to ignite creativity and integrity, and embellish friendship and understanding.
Fabrica also produced the music video for the track "Penguins", directed by the lebanese animator Hanna Abi-Hanna, which will be presented as world premiere at Pictoplasma, one of the biggest animation international film festivals.
It follows the fantasy world of creatures sharing an apartment with a lonely girl and mix real images with animations.
Link here to see the trailer:
The CD is distributed by Stradivarius and on i-tunes:




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