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Year: 2009

Authorship: Sam Baron (France), Cristina Dias (Portugal), Catarina Carreiras (Portugal)

Treviso, January 2009. Fabrica, the Benetton group’s communication research center, will present its new collection of ceramic objects and accessories for the house at the Galeria Dama Aflita in Porto. 


A Strange Garden crystallised in pottery growing among birds and insects and planted with hybrid vegetables created through the invention of an exceptional designer, Nature. And so a Romanesco cauliflower becomes a strange salad bowl, and a bunch of bananas turns into an unusual bonbonnière.  


Fauna and flora turn into design objects and extraordinary tableware (which will be available for purchase during and after the exhibition) all designed with an ironic, unconventional approach by Fabrica’s international team of young designers. 


The Strange Garden collection is part of Fabrica Features, a series of objects created by Fabrica for different kinds of shops and retail facilities, from purely commercial to cultural spaces, from specialist retailers to generalist multi-goods shops.


Fabrica Features is also the name of a number of multiethnic and multimedia meeting places Fabrica has opened in Bologna, Lisbon and Hong Kong, with temporary stores that have touched cities such as Paris, London, Porto and Rotterdam. These spaces are an ideal network of dialogue and information exchanges through which Fabrica spreads its culture across the world.



Strange Garden

17 January – 21 February 






Rua da Picardia n 84

Porto, Portugal

tel +351 927 203 858






In partnership with:
Dama Aflita (Oporto, Portugal)



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