Year: 2010

Authorship: Sam Baron (F), Myriam Belzile-Maguire (CAN), Philip Bone (UK), Dean Brown (UK), Elliott Burford (AUS), Valentina Carretta (IT), Marta Celso (IT), Margaux Keller (F), Gustavo Millon (CHILE), Jaeun Park (KOR), Brian Wood (USA),

After Milan, Fabrica Design Department presents its latest collections of objects for the house at the Guadagni Showroom in Venice.

Down Side Up is an encounter between experimentation and consumption, where design challenges shapes, volume perception and directions to create objects with constantly varying functions and interpretations. And so by adding a few essential accessories like legs, handles, hooks or hands, and by choosing a precise orientation, a simple basic wood unit is transformed into something new with a unique personality. The heart of each unit is a hole, a functional element which also gives the unit an aesthetic value. Therefore the effectiveness of each article lies in its versatility of use and its potential for creating customised modular systems.

The Riot Act is a collection of 12 decorative articles. The collection takes its name from the 1713 Act of the British Parliament which gave local authorities the right to order the dispersal of groups of 12 or more people deemed unlawfully assembled. Each of the 12 designers from Fabrica was given a ceramic cylinder to transform it in form and function through modifications, processes or additions of new elements.

Both the collections will be available for purchase at the Guadagni Showroom.

Sponsor: Mionetto - Valdobbiadene
Partners: Atelier F., Bosa, Diamantini&Domenicani, Secondome

Shifting Perspective
21 August – 21 November 2010

Boffi Studio Guadagni
Salizada San Samuele 3336
San Marco - 30124 Venezia
T +39 041 099 47 30

Opening hours
From Tuesday to Saturday



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