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Second annual "F" and "F25" Awards for Concerned Photography

Year: 2008

Authorship: Enrico Bossan

"They are concerned photographers. They take sides. They are people who wanted to show things that had to be corrected... wanted to show things that had to be appreciated"
(The Concerned Photographer, Editor Cornell Capa, Grossman 1972)

On Thursday October 2nd in Milan, Forma will host the award ceremony of the F and F25 awards for concerned photography.

Founded in 2006 by Fabrica, the Benetton Group's communication research center and Forma, International Center of Photography (Milan), the F award has been given to the English photographer Leonie Purchas. Purchas will receive a 20,000 euro grant and support to publish a book and exhibit her project. The F25 award, open to photographers under 25, has been given to Abdul Munem Wasif who will be granted a one year scholarship to join Fabrica's Photography Department.


Meeting at Fabrica (Treviso, Italy) in June 2008, the jury was chaired by photographer Reza Deghati and included Elisabeth Biondi (Visuals Editor of The New Yorker), Enrico Bossan (Editorial Director of Colors magazine), Giovanna Calvenzi (Photo Editor of Sportweek), Julien Frydman (Director of Magnum Photos Bureau), Roberto Koch (Director of Contrasto) and Roger Tooth (Director of Photography of The Guardian). They examined 143 entries from photographers in 40 countries for the F award and 15 entries for the F25 award.

Information about the winning projects:

Leonie Purchas, Great Britain
Essay: In the shadow of things

"The jury unanimously selected this exceptional work, carried out in compliance with the award rules and regulations which reward an innovative photographic approach, interested in the human condition. With this prestigious prize, the jury encourages the continuation of this rare and courageous testimony.
Leonie Purchas chose to take an introspective look at herself through the members of her family. Her images genuinely portray a fair, intimate and harsh story of her close relatives, which in turn tell a story of the whole human family.
Leonie Purchas has embarked on of work which, once completed, may form a book, exhibition and film. Through her strong testimony to one aspect of life, Leonie Purchas will then have written a page of humanity"

Abdul Munem Wasif, Bangladesh
Essay: Old Dhaka

"With this prize, the jury rewards a journalistic piece of work with a keen sense of photographic composition and a modern visual approach to movement. The jury hopes that this prize will enable Munem Wasif to add to his testimony on his universe and the world around him".
Munem Wasif is represented by VU' Agency.

Thursday, October 2nd

at 11:30 a.m.

Conference Hall
Forma - International Center of Photography
Piazza Tito Lucrezio Caro, 1
20136 Milan

phone: 0039-02-58118067

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Scarica comunicato stampa (PDF - 21Kb) Italiano

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