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Leonie Purchas, Great Britain
Essay: In the shadow of things

“The jury unanimously voted this exceptional work, carried out in compliance with the award rules and regulations which reward an innovative photographic approach, interested in the human condition. By this prestigious prize, the jury therefore encourages the continuation of this rare and courageous testimony. Leonie Purchas chose to take an introspective look at herself through the members of her family. Her images genuinely portray this fair, intimate and harsh story of her close relatives, which can tell the story of the whole human family. Leonie Purchas has started a piece of work, which once completed, may exist through a book, an exhibition, and a film. Through her strong testimony on a part of life, Leonie Purchas will then have written a page of humanity”.


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Jake playing with a giant plastic bag. (JPG - 132kb)

In the shadow of things