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Our Cities - Graphic Journalism for Internazionale Magazine

Year: 2008

Authorship: Various artists

Internazionale is Italy’s  most progressive global information magazine. It’s highly respected because of its independence and unique formula. The weekly selects and translates into Italian the most important articles on politics, economy, ecology, sociology, science, technology, psychology, literature, music, comics, design, and art from authoritative magazines world-wide.

Fabrica Visual Communication proposed to create for Internazionale illustrated insider stories by its young creatives on their cities (Mumbai, Seoul, Adelaide, New York, Vienna, Puebla, Venice, etc).
Real and contemporary stories, interesting facts, places, people, social issues, food, architecture, the good and the bad of these cities.


As beautiful examples of graphic journalism, “Postcards from New York” (Usa), “Postcards from Mumbai” (India) and “Postcards from Vienna” (Austria) have been selected and translated both in Italian and in English.
The project is ongoing and many other cities in the world are waiting to be told and illustrated.

Tad Kimball is the first graphic designer to have seen his story published.
Here are his comments directly from New York, where Tad is living at the moment:

Tad Kimball:
"Living in a post 9/11 New York is a tricky and scary thing sometimes. In the past few years there have been possible threats and frighting revelations. In combination with an increased police presence, these things create a tense atmosphere of suspicion.  The media adds to this fear with its exaggeration of vague details in their reports. People become temporarily frightened until the news story is no longer reported on or something else grabs their attention."




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