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Year: 2009

Authorship: Sam Baron (France), Catarina Carreiras (PT), Joao Wilbert (Br), Nicolo Degiorgis (IT),

This exhibition embraces the fusion of figments and digitals, approaching beauty and the way we absorb it, from the most singular details to surreal natural landscapes.
Through the creation of a new sense of reality, simple elements are altered to evolve form and time - an embroidered plug generates blossoms and a cabbage becomes part of an interactive clock where numbers meet in nature. Through Fabrica’s imaginative vision, design blends with a landscape made of craft ceramics, glass domes and electric systems.
New York’s skyline witnesses a showcase of fantasia, bringing a new light on the future.


May 18 - 21
New Museum 
Sky Room 7th Floor
235 Bowery, NYC



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