Year: 2010

Authorship: Goncalo Campos (PT), Catarina Carreiras (PT), Valentina Carretta (IT), Yukihiro Kaneuchi (JAP), Jade Folawijo (UK), Jaeun Park (KOR)

The collaboration between Fabrica and the design gallery Secondome started in 2008,  and continues in 2010 with two new collections of objects for the home.

The glass collection is composed of a series of cake plates where the elegance of glass and simplicity of form come together to emphasize the elements on the object:

Diagonal by Catarina Carreiras plays with diagonal lines;
Voilà by Valentina Carretta is reminiscent  of the tail and legs of a cat;
Sprinkles by Yukihiro Kaneuchi seems to be covered with coloured sugar;
Happy by Yukihiro Kaneuchi is to wish a happy life;
Tree tray and Tree dome by Jaeun Park, is about the cake becoming the foliage.

The ceramic collection is remove the fruit of a workshop between Fabrica’s designers and a majolica master craftsman in the Puglia region, Italy. The ancient savoir-faire of the artisans meets the creativity of today’s designers who, applying their own experience and culture to the creation process, give birth to new experimental forms:

Arms family by Jade Folawiyo reminds us of African handicraft;
Pegada by Goncalo Campos, uses geometrical shapes playing with delicate soft lines;
Ribbon by Yukihiro Kaneuchi, is a ribbon wrapping itself in a vase;
Ruota by Valentina Carretta, is about material contrast, taking the wheel out of its context to become a fragile object.


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