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Year: 2003

Authorship: Dario Scodeller, Joana Astolfi, Isotta Dardilli, Andres Reymondes, Leandro HBL

Image and set design by Fabrica,
22 November 2003- 2 May 2004
Museo Civico, Bassano del Grappa
Gipsoteca, Possagno

Organization and images for the first big exhibition dedicated to Canova. A breathtaking itinerary set in the Museo Civico of Bassano del Grappa and at
Possagno, native town of the artist among the works of Gipsoteca; between the most intimate memories conserved in his house; in the sacredness of the
big Temple that houses his booty. 400 works to highlight his prolific artistic production: marble, chalk, clay, monochromatics, paintings, watercolors, drawings, incisions and correspondence.

Antonio Canova was born on November 1st, 1757 in Possagno (Treviso), 80 kms from Venice: he was left fatherless when he was only four years old; his mother, Angela Zardo, married Francesco Sartori soon after and then moved to Crespano, a village nearby. Antonio remained at Possagno together with his grandfather Pasino Canova, a stonemason and local sculptor of fair reputation.

The above mentioned events marked Antonio Canova’s sensitivity for life. From childhood, he showed himself to be very able at sculpture: he carried out small works using the clay of Possagno; he is said to have carved a lion out of butter during a dinner among noble Venetians in a villa at Asolo when he was only six or seven years old. The guests were astonished to such an extent that the host, the Senator Giovanni Falier, guessed Antonio Canova’s artistic ability and initiated him to professional study and to vocational training.

exhibition design:Arch. Dario Scodeller (Italy), Joana Astolfi (Brazil-Protugal)
graphics: Isotta Dardilli (Italy)
music: Andres Reymondes (Argentina)
video: Leandro HBL (Brazil)


In partnership with:
Villaggio Globale International



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