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Year: 2007

Authorship: Sam Baron, Ana Cristina Dias, Marta Teixeira da Silva, Valentina Carretta, Michael Ciancio, Carine Damon, Eric Faggin, Miren Maráñon, Amélie Marciasini, Massimo Parolin, Ann Van Litsenburg, Matteo Zorzenoni

A creative journey through France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and China, the five countries where Fabrica is present with the spaces Fabrica Features

When: 18 April, 2007
Where: Artmouse - Milan
What: Exhibition

Five boxes, each a symbol of one of the countries – Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey and China – in which Fabrica is present in the shape of a Fabrica Features space. With this installation, ideally representing its openness to the world, Benetton’s communication research centre will be at the Milan International Furniture Fair, 18-23 April 2007, as part of the programme of special events.

The project’s core is the idea of Fabrica Features areas as retail spaces for its design articles and as worldwide multiethnic and multimedia meeting places, creating an ideal network of dialogue and information interchange. Fabrica disseminates its culture through these satellites and, at the same time, it absorbs and passes on external stimuli and inspirations, as highlighted by the installation’s graphics, in which images and wording are fragmented into a multitude of tiny points.

In each box, a photo embodies the country’s spirit through a picture of a living room, chosen as the place where people gather together in a home, and another object interprets a distinctive characteristic of local traditions. Looking in the Italian box, for example, we can imagine sitting on a sofa next to Botticelli’s Venus- thanks to the upholstery inspired by the famous Renaissance painting - whose beauty is enhanced by exquisite embroidery, a reference to Italy’s craft traditions. In Portugal, a rug shaped like a girl’s shadow evokes the country’s warm sun and its women’s typical black clothing. France is represented by a creation that harmoniously unites a wine bottle and a glass and refers to the elegant shapes of French tradition. A three-doored screen conveys Turkey’s unique position between the West and the East, where cultural cross-fertilisation is enabled through two openings. China’s explosive growth, including in the building industry, is symbolised by a wall built on bricks made of packets of rice, a commodity with a crucial place in the country’s history.

Sam Baron (Fabrica), Ana Cristina Dias
and Marta Teixeira da Silva (Fabrica Features Lisbon)

Fabrica Designers
Valentina Carretta (Italy), Michael Ciancio (USA) Carine Damon (France), Eric Faggin (Italy), Miren Maráñon (Spain), Amélie Marciasini (Sweden), Massimo Parolin (Italy), Ann Van Litsenburg (Netherlands), Matteo Zorzenoni (Italy)

Music Design
Andres Reymondes (Argentina)

Via Volterra, 12 – Milan
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00

Saturday, 21 April 2007
From 19:00 to 21:00

Metro MM1, Bisceglie direction, De Angeli or Wagner stations
Lines 16, 18, 58, 61, 67, 90, 91



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