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We Are Typical

Year: 2007

Authorship: Sam Baron (France) and Fabrica Design Department

We are typical is a limited edition collection made of 12 traditional vases in baroque style and inspired by the rich and long-established Italian cultural and artistic institution. The purpose of the collection is to highlight the differences between the on-going conception of elegance and that of the past. Every object, originally conceived as strongly decorated and full of symbolisms, is revised into a modern look by the designer and eventually it gets new life and willing for unexplored purposes and markets. If the designer wants to explore deeply his own position, his role and what visions he wants to communicate through his own creations, he has ultimately to integrate himself with the artistic and cultural tradition. As the human beings physical shape and appearance has remained unchanged in the centuries, although undergoing changes in style and influences, the same way an old vase, expression of a wealthy and noble past, can rebirth thanks to a creative operation. In We are typical a touch of gold, which represents the innovative sign bringing innovation to old and almost forgotten shapes.




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