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"TUTTIFRUTTI" collection by Fabrica

Year: 2012

Authorship: Sam Baron, France / Dean Brown, Scotland / Catarina Carreiras, Portugal / Valentina Carretta, Italy / Mariana Fernades, Portugal / Charlotte Juillard, France / Daniela Mesina, Italy / Kirsty Minns, United Kingdom / David Raffoul, Lebanon / Giorgia Zanellato, Italy

The collection is concerned with glass objects to display and support fruit, as an essential symbol of the vitality, colour and open sunshine of Miami. The pieces are proposed as original ways of showcasing and serving fruit - as subjects in balancing structures or suspended from the sky. The clean transparency of the glass, complemented by the natural charm of fresh fruits is an intriguing combination - presented as 3 dimensional images and imaginative still life compositions - delicate and lively, ripe with colour and fragility. Each piece is a way to showcase the young Fabrica design talents, expressing their individual attitudes and cultures that are mixed and celebrated in the Fabrica spirit.

"Cocco" by Kirsty Minns
The tutti-frutti subject has taken a fundamental role in the making process for this pair of designed glassware pieces. The coconut halves were used as the mould to blow the glass into, thus creating the hemisphere shaped base for the carafe and fruit bowl. The smooth simple lines of the glass has been contrasted with the integration of the rough hard surface of the coconut shell. Both objects balance on the elegant tripod frame, a direct reference to the coconuts distinctive three holes.

"Fruit in a Frame" by Mariana Fernandes

A simple squared structure with a special place where a pomegranate earns the natural importance of a fruit-queen. The gift of Mother Nature placed on a designed frame to highlight its perfection and beauty. This fruit stand is a way to give an essential status to simplicity whilst paying tribute to still life image compositions.

"See-Saw" by Catarina Carreiras

A lemon and a grape share the same shape, but come in different weights, have contrasting flavors, unlikely textures, and remind us of mismatched stories. When the time comes to choose which one to eat, the bitterness of the lemon defies the sweet taste of an autumn grape. See-saw is a glass sculpture that plays with the balance between two fruits, between their anatomy and their qualities, and one's decision of which to eat without breaking the balance of a fragile equilibrium.

“Sin” by David Raffoul
Going back to its roots, the apple was the first fruit touched by the human being, referring to the famous legend of Adam and Eve. In this piece the apple tree is represented in a more contemporary way using the archetype of the middle ages, suggestive of public hangings - don’t be tempted!

"Top Cherry" by Giorgia Zanellato

Natural and artificial melt together to create an unexpected composition. A glass sculpture, inspired by the deco Miami architecture, constructed by four different self standing elements especially to contain fruits. The fruits are split in two parts: the top part with the natural aspect of the fruit itself, and the carved part that melts with the glass pieces creating a strong connection. In this way the fruits show their contrasting textures of outside and inside, giving color to the transparent glass. A cherry is on the top to dress the salad.

"The Big Pear" by Valentina Carretta

A glass cabinet encloses a pear, and preserves the piece of fruit as if it was a very precious item. The protective dome contemplates a very special locker, which in this case is made by a humble wooden toothpick, to be removed before opening the cabinet as a kind of ritual.

"Carmina" by Sam Baron

Carmina is concerned with assembling a composition that allows the glass to grow in meaning, only when it is used as a way of display coloured fruits. Delicately poised inside a glass frame, as if suspended from the branches of a tree, or lovingly cradled in a transparent nest the fruit is given is central position as if sitting in the air itself.

"Summer rain" by Charlotte Juillard
A unconventional glass chandelier where strawberries seem to fall from the sky. The piece is composed of six suspended tubes, at the end of which, is attached a weight to allow for stability. Like the summer rain, it’s unexpected. The chandelier goes in every direction, you cannot control it but it offers you a nice feeling of freshness.

"Guglielmo!" by Daniela Mesina

Guglielmo! is a glass sculpture inspired by the legend of William Tell, where a simple apple becomes the subject of suspense and folklore. The glass is designed to capture a catalytic moment in history, the arrow piercing the apple, as if frozen in time.

"Seasons" by Dean Brown

The two glass bowls are defined by the iconic cocktail umbrella, depicting the different weather conditions that are integral to the growing of fruit. The objects tell tales of the rainy and dry seasons, helping us to appreciate the wonderful diversity of fruits, served fresh, dried, sweet or potent. A careful mix of shade, moisture and sunlight is required to nurture such vibrant forms and flavours - as bright as a cocktail in Miami or as zesty as a fruit market in a monsoon.



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