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Year: 2009

Authorship: Sam Baron (France), Valentina Carretta (Italy), Isabel Abreu (Portugal), Tak Cheung (USA), Catarina Carreiras (Portugal), Jade Folawiyo (UK), Gonçalo Campos (Portugal), Cristina Dias (Portugal)

Zanotta, a leading company in the history of Italian design, and Fabrica, the international research laboratory, continue their co-operation dating from 2008 with Trans-forma, an exhibition of 17 classic Zanotta designs which Fabrica’s young designers have reinterpreted with a modern twist.


The updated icon pieces include:

Sciangai (De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi, 1973), the coat stand that brings to mind the Chinese game of spillikins, is now provided with a number of practical tools. Sella (Achille and Piergiacomo Castiglioni, 1957), a chair whose seat is a bicycle saddle set on a steel shaft, is now equipped for our modern times, with a chunky anti-theft chain. Blow (De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi, 1967), the inflatable chair that is a symbol of the years of youth protest acquires a playful function. Milo (1937), the mirror evocative of the graceful forms of the famous Greek statue Venus de Milo invites us to reflect on today’s idea of beauty. The Bieder table (Emaf Progetti, 2005) is occupied by two-dimensional figures – people, objects and animals – that show what can happen under the legs of a table. Lastly, the fine embroidery on the rear backrest of the popular folding chair Small (For Use, 2003) turns it into a work of art.




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