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"Too Late" receives AD Spot Award

Year: 2007

Authorship: Yianni Hill, Reed Young

"Too late", the road safety campaign created by Fabrica in 2007 for the World Health Organization is the winner of the AD SPOT AWARD 2008, in the category "Classic Outdoor/Health-Road Safety".

AD SPOT AWARDS is an International Festival promoting creativity in Social, Business, Public and Commercial Advertising communication.


Yianni Hill conceived and developed the global campaign made of five posters aiming to raise awareness on road accidents:


The campaign needed to tackle a problem that is one of the biggest killers of young people in the world today, by focusing on the problem areas of drink-driving, seatbelt and helmet use, visibility and speeding. As a global campaign the five poster series offered a massive challenge. How do you create a unified campaign, about quite different problems, and have it understood by people from any part of the world, regardless of their culture, age, ability to read or previous exposure to sophisticated graphic language? The answer lay in the use of simplistic elements of communication that would be universally understood. For me this was the body, the road and the familiar white line markings. I initially took the idea that the white lines could cross the specific areas of the body relative to the different issues. It not only created a surprising and powerful image, but also presented the road itself as a danger - encapsulating the risks to all who use it. It was later I discovered the communication of each individual problem could be enhanced by altering the line markings to more specific graphics.


Yianni Hill is currently living and working in Adelaide, Australia, as well as lecturing at the University of South Australia.

The photography is by Reed Young, currently living and working in the United States.





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