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Tea Time

Year: 2007

Authorship: Valentina Carretta

A new ceramic collection by Fabrica for Bosa

The tea time is a moment of calm and relaxation, the perfect excuse to open our mind to a dreamy break.

The “Tea Time” ceramic collection, realized by Fabrica for Bosa, invites you to stop a couple of minutes in front of emblematic tea service pieces and to consider a classical object in another way.
These assemblages of classical pottery items, proposed in different scales, become the subjects of still-life aesthetics; a series of black shadows which seem to have been frozen in ceramic. Poetic discussion appears on the possibility of what an object can become after its shape is detached from its function and after mixing shapes and functions together.

The Tea Pot tray, the first prototype of the “Tea Time” collection, has been presented in the Design section of “Les Yeux Ouverts”, an exhibition about Fabrica held at the Milan Triennale in June/July 2007.

More pieces are going to be presented at Bosa's booth within the "Abitare il Tempo" furniture fair in Verona (20-24th september 2007).


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