Year: 2012

Authorship: Designed by: Sam Baron, Catarina Carreiras, David Raffoul, Dean Brown, Giorgia Zanellato, Kirty Minns and Mariana Fernandes. Photos by: Alberto Ferretto/ Fabrica

Fabrica presents the new collection SKY LINE for Brera Garden Floor event by Listen Agency in Milano Scala Hotel. Inspired by the atmosphere of this unique Terrace in the heart of the city, this collection is made up of seven products.

High Wire by Kirsty Minns, a series of hanging baskets that offers a contemporary highlight in the skyline, that will hang elegantly from any Milanese Terrace. They're made in metal and rope.

Chopping Bird by Giorgia Zanellato, a wooden chopping board with the addition of a special place to feed the birds.

Light tray by David Raffoul. This object revisits the idea of the simple serving plate that, thanks to the light, achieves a certain allure and elegance.

Photosynthesis by Catarina Carreiras, a deck chair that invites you to dig your feet deep into the concrete sand and capture the sun's energy. If you stay there too long, you might absorb bursts of hydrogen, happiness and oxygen — like any other plan.

Wind Point by Dean Brown, an object for measuring and appreciating the wind. A wood surface catches the wind, a point indicates direction, and linear structure depicts the four compass marks.

Flow by Mariana Fernandes, a metaphorical relationship between plants and human being. Scientific details inspired by the human body are inserted in transparent flower shapes.

Stump by Giorgia Zanellato, a series of tree trunks translated into stools. Each of them has a rope attached to it in a different way to help to move them and join them togheter.

Limited edition of 20 pieces


2 July — 7 October 2012

Hotel Milano Scala
Via dell’Orso 7, Milano
Open Monday to Friday (19.00 – 23.00)




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