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Public transportation displays for INAIL

Year: 2008

Authorship: Valerie Gudenus

After the "care bracelets" by Namyoung An, Fabrica has developed a series of public transportation displays as a further component of a long term non conventional campaign against workplace injuries for the Italian Workers' Compensation Authority. These displays represent human chains of workers and workers and their families clinging to each other. Valerie Gudenus, the Austrian graphic designer that conceived this idea, intends to remind workers on their way to work that their family and colleagues depend on them and their respect of safety measures. The displays are hanging until the end of November 2008 in the buses of many Italian cities.


Valerie Gudenus:

"When we first started researching on the subject of work environment injuries we found out that one of the problems is, that being safe is not regarded as cool. Workers would rather not wear their helmets or other safety gear to seem tough and unbreakable.
On the other hand there is a strong solidarity between workers and often they also have families to look after. My thought was to show how our behavior can affect the people around us and that we have responsibilities for family members, coworkers and friends. The displays interact with the interior of buses in a playfull and non-patronizing way. The illustration style is inspired by children's drawings."



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