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Oil Will Never End

Year: 2006

Authorship: Lorenzo Vitturi / FABRICA

Lorenzo Vitturi addresses the energy problem, from studies of alternative, cleaner energy sources to the depletion of the planet’s resources. He focuses special attention on the exhaustion of the Caspian Sea oil fields.


“Oil will never end” is a photographic project about oil and the impact it has had in a country whose past and present has been marked by the exploitation of “black gold”.
Azerbaijan was the first country in the world to extract oil at the end of the 19th century and today is one of the leading countries in the international oil race. The whole economy is based on the exploitation of petroleum resources, whose wealth still remains in the hands of few, essentially leaving the country in a state of poverty.
In Azerbaijan everything tastes of oil. From the smell of the air to the irreversible transformation of the countryside, to the urban mutations of the capital Baku, oil has made its mark with incredible force and pervasion.
The images tell the assiduity of this huge presence in both its economic effects, that have led to property speculation in the capital, and through the transformed landscapes of a surreal architecture made up of pipes, wells and taps. Bewildered people move around in these seemingly abandoned spaces marked by irreversible environmental devastation. They work there and earn a living. The photographs trace the change in the relationship between people, natural resources and the land. A relationship in which oil always comes out on top. Many oilfield employees repeat the optimistic phrase that became the title of the series. And placed next to the images “Oil will never end” takes on a sinister sound that simply prophesizes a threat.


Featured in the I SEE project exhibited in 'Les Yeux Ouverts' at Centre Pompidou (France 2006), Milan Triennale (Italy 2007), Shanghai Art Museum (China 2007), Tokyo ShiodomeItalia Creative Center (Japan 2008)



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Commissioned by:
Fabrica for the I SEE project



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