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Authorship: Leandro Lara

Margin Project (Audiovisual diaries in Brazil). The way. The road. The path was built to follow, to travel, to encounter, to know. Close by is the MARGIN, where you have to stop to see, where it is out of focus, where it is hidden for those that pass without paying attention. The way is unusual. What maintains this vision creates the route. The human being appears and puts himself in front of the other, in front of the world, in front of himself, in front of the camera and through it to see what is around. Passing by a country rich in diversity, contrasts, creativity, what is the margin becomes the centre, what is chance becomes the guide and what is light becomes image.

Directed by Leandro Lara

Produced by Fabrica and RSI, Swiss Television

Margin is a book and documentary film project co-produced by Fabrica and RSI, Swiss television. The other part of the project is a diary book with pictures from the journey.

Contributors: Amiten_production and images (video), Cecília Rocha_photo assistant and additional images (photo) and Carlos Magno_additional images (video)



In partnership with:
RSI, Swiss Television



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