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Year: 2004

Authorship: Ramón Ubeda(Spain), Jaime Hayon (Spain), Rita João (Portugal), Pedro Ferreira (Portugal), Paolo Palma (Italy)

Mail me is a multidisciplinary project that sprung from studies for the design of a mailbox done by Fabrica for the Spanish company BD Ediciones de Diseño. The results are collected in a unique book published by Electa and a conceptual exhibition. The theme of mail is as complex and varied as the individuals that use it, with implications both for those who send and those who receive. Mail is fast and can last forever. It reflects the thoughts of a moment that an instant later have already changed. The use of mail varies constantly, adapting to the changes in technology which adapts to new contexts. Each day mail seems less necessary yet it continues being used in a generalized manner in all contexts. It is as personal as it is public; it is private and is often managed by the State. It is old-fashioned but used in new forms. It is certainly rich in contradictions. Mail me is the result of thorough research on the theme executed by the young artists at Fabrica. A group reflection to which many famous creators like Alan Fletcher, Reed Kram, Ed Fella, Enlightenment, Kazuiko Hachiya, Matali Crasset, Charlie White, Uwe Loesch, Oscar Mariné, el Bulli, Ora-ïto, Dextro o Delaware–whether it be on paper, fax or email–have added their personal experiences, general impressions, sublime visions, funny solutions and mental interpretations .


The book —160 signed postcards collected in a surprising packaging, published in Italy by Electa. It is a book on mail, made of mail and conceived to be distributed by mail.

The mailbox designed by Fabrica is produced by BD Ediciones de Diseño, the first company that made the famous buzones a sardinel (a top loading vertical mailbox) designed by Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets in 1975.


The exhibition was the focal point of all the multidisciplinary elements composing this project: research, design and multimedia production. The exhibition travelled in large postal packages, as if the boundary between form and contents for once gets lost in the action.



In partnership with:
BD Ediciones de Diseño



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