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Local Channels

Year: 2005

Authorship: Mark Argo

Computer, software.

Local Channels uses the metaphor of broadcast channels to suggest a space where the elements of life – drama, comedy, news – take place. The viewer is invited to participate by uploading their camera phone images and videos of local people, places and things to the installation.


As the installation fills up with donated personal media, the nature and portrait of the local community emerges over the period of the exhibit. Local Channels installation uses CommPose, a project originally created to to explore new communication methods with camera phones. To date, CommPose has been exhibited and collected camera phone media in Korea, Thailand, Italy, and Canada. Most recently, Mark Argo and Ann Poochareon received the grand prize for Mobile Asia competition for their installation titled "Footprints" which is based on the CommPose system. "Footprints" will open in Seoul, Korea at the Art Nabi Center on December 7th 2006, running until December 22nd 2006. Visit CommPose website: http:// "Footprints":



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