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Les Yeux Ouverts

Year: 2006

Authorship: Sam Baron (France), Amelie Marciasini (Sweden), Bethany Koby (Usa), Miren Maranon (Spain), Eric Faggin (Usa), Valentina Carretta (Italy), Becka Citron (Usa), Massimo Parolin (Italy)

As a part of the Fabrica exhibition Les Yeux Ouverts at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Fabrica Design team created a temporary store that lasted 5 months, a project exploring the process of creating a retail space using materials and resources locally. 

The concept behind the Paris store was: 5 designers, 5 days to make the space, 50 products to display. Each designer was involved in sharing his personal and cultural views on the retail experience. Concept, research, organization, and execution was a collective effort. 

The store consisted of a shelving sculpture made out of metro shelving in the gallery space, a stock room of yellow customized products, a Colors magazine reading room, as well as many Fabrica Features objects made specifically for the store. 





In the spirit of the Fabrica name and embracing the production process, the visual effect was an interpretation of a simple industrial language directly reaching the customer. 

Stock room

Yellow and black are the brand colors of the Fabrica Features stores. Ready made and mass produced items were re-branded and re-appropriated in order to reflect the consumer nature of the environment. 

Reading room

Viewers could admire the Pompidou museum building through a large window covered with iconic Parisian symbols. Industrial neon lighting, a collection of Colors magazines as well as Fabrica posters were on display for visitors to appreciate the creative world of Fabrica. The table in the center of the room was covered with copies of Colors Notebooks for visitors to leave their own impressions, drawings and thoughts.



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