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Hunters since the beginning of time - Trailer


Authorship: Carlos Casas

Along the coast of the Bering Sea a community of whale hunters are struggling to survive keeping alive a millenary tradition. Surviving one of the most extreme environments of the planet.


 DIRECTOR´S STATEMENT:I wanted to capture the millenary tradition of Chukchi whale hunters, their ability to survive using archaic hunting techniques forced by international Commissions. I wanted also to capture the hunting in all its splendor all its ritual with its inner times and cycles. I was interested in their survival and their feeding cycles I wanted to make a film on the food chain of a whale hunter, from the wintertime to the summer, from the fish to the seal to the whale. I wanted the film to be a sort of action film, without much dialogues a pure cinematic and visual experience. 

Produced by Fabrica

Directed by Carlos Casas

Best Documentary Award at Mexico Film Festival

In competition at Torino Film Festival, Ischia Film Festival and Documenta Madrid




Chukotka. Siberia, Russia, 2007

DVcam Color 4:3 - 87 min.



FICCO Festival de cine contemporaneo de Mexico 2008

Ischia Film Festival, 2008

Documenta Madrid, 2008






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