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Year: 2009

Authorship: Fabrica

The Future of Retail is about reimaging the fashion store for the 21st century. What are shops for in the age of e-commerce? How can technology improve the experience of visiting a store? How can online and offline be integrated? What can handheld and mobile technologies do to provide a richer instore experience?


The Future of Retail looks at the intersection of art, design, technology and commerce in the context of a rapidly changing communication landscape and the extraordinary challenges and opportunities presented by new and emerging technologies. The project was officially launched in September 2009 with a symposium within the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz (Austria). The discussion was about social networking, tagging, augmented space, virtual/physical overlays, geolocation and interactive fashion garments.
Speakers included Roberto Sarracco, head of Telecom Italia Future Centre in Venice, Horst Hoertner, head of Ars Electronica Future Lab, Reed Kram, designer of Prada epicentre concept, Sam Baron, head of design at Fabrica, Chris Salter from Concordia University and Sabine Seymour, designer and author of Fashionable Technology. The symposium was introduced by Andy Cameron, Fabrica’s Executive Director.
The Future of Retail partners are still working together to develop what was discussed in Linz and to create a range of innovative clothing store prototypes.


In partnership with:
Telecom Italia Future Centre, Ars Electronica, London College of Fashion



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