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Year: 2008

Authorship: Sam Baron (France), Valentina Carretta (Italy), Marta Teixeira da Silva (Portugal)

After seven years, the Bologna Fabrica Features moves from via Rizzoli to Strada Maggiore, keeping it within the historical center of the city.

Completely conceived by Fabrica’s young designers, the interior design concept is based on the contrast between the materials used in the store. A low-tech atmosphere is created with the use of elements typically used in the construction industry; wooden boxes, concrete quarterdecks, pallets and electric devices are put together with refined furnishings whilst elegant handmade drawings fill the walls of the store.

Fabrica Features is a network of commercial and cultural spaces (the first of which are already open in Bologna, Lisbon,  Hong Kong and Istanbul, with “temporary stores” in Paris, Rotterdam,  London and Porto) developed by Fabrica. It is a vehicle for a culture no longer based only on books but also on encounters, traditions, sensitivities. Fabrica Features is a multiethnic, multimedia and multipurpose space where concerts, video shows, live performances, conferences, individual shows and workshops become key opportunities for gathering together.


Fabrica Features Bologna
Strada Maggiore 7/E
40125 Bologna
Tel: 051 271165



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