Year: 2009

Authorship: Gonçalo Campos (Portugal), Tak Cheung (USA), Jade Follawi (Nigeria/UK), Valentina Carretta (Italy)

The young Fabrica hopes, have generated these unusual products.

The Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos has given the soul to the Sede carafe; he has imagined a carafe that assumes various positions like a living creature, expressing a movement. By Campos is also the fruit bowl Fruit, created from the relation between the archetypal shape of the object and its typical function. The young Nigerian Jade Follawi has revisited the candleholder with its tubes chaotically stacked one on top of each other, but stands firm as a climaxing glass tower (Stick Stack Tall) and a centerpiece (Stick Stack Long) in limited edition, 33 pieces the first and 99 the second. Broken Glass is the fruit bowl of Tak Cheung , american, that had woven a glass cobweb. The Italian Valentina Carretta,  completed her collection Funny Fauna with a duck shaped water carafe. 


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