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Exquisite Clock

Year: 2009

Authorship: Joao Henrique Wilbert

Exquisite Clock is a ongoing collection of time fragments – hours, minutes and seconds that populate everyday life.

The project consists of a participatory website that feeds data to different clocks as installations, designed products and urban screens. Through the website, users are invited to upload images of numbers that can be found different contexts around them – objects, surfaces, bodies that form shapes of numbers. All uploaded numbers then are tagged according to their theme and become part of ever growing Internet based database constantly updated by these users.

Fed by this database, the platform then allows variations of screen clocks to be constructed – clocks of objects, clock formed by money numbers, clocks formed by body parts, landscape clocks – all of them using the numbers uploaded by the users. These variations then, are reconfigured in form of installations, designed products, urban interventions and so on – all accessing the same image database.
Exquisite Clock is a platform of participation and exchange, where time takes different forms and appear in different territories, a conversant network to trade different perceptions of time.

This project was created and developed Joao Henrique Wilbert at FABRICA in 2008.

Creative Direction: Andy Cameron.
Collaborators: Gonçalo Campos, Nicolò Degiorgis, Joshua Levi.



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