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Custom Eyes

Year: 2003

Authorship: Isabel Abreu, Priscila Alexandre and Cristina Pedro, Dino Alves, Joana Astolfi, Sam Baron and Aurore Dumas, Fernando Brízio, Luis Buchinho, Paulo Condez, Ricardo Cruz, Ricardo Custódio, Def Design, Julio Dolbeth, Ricardo Dourado, Rita João and Pedro Ferreira, Maria Gambina, Pedro Garcia, Lidija Kolovrat, Krv Kurva: Daniela Pais and Jorge Moita, Load Design, Henrique Ralheta, Rev Design and Lia, Pedro Sottomayor, Marco Sousa Santos, Ruis Santos.

A “custom-made” exhibition realized by Fabrica’s French designer Sam Baron, in collaboration with 25 Portuguese designers.


The project was conceived from the idea that a mass produced object could be used to express a second creative meaning. Taking “fear” as the thematic with which to customize the direction, 25 Portuguese designers - industrial and graphic designers, illustrators, stylists and photographers - were given a plain white track-suit to use as a canvas on which to explore this subject. Each designer expressed his or her personal ideas on politics, culture and religion in relation to the theme. These modified track-suits were then fashionably documented by Fabrica’s team of photographers in order to communicate the idea of a consumer culture and so return the object, although changed, to its original paradigm. Using commercial symbols and popular references such as logos, glossy paper and style of photography, the exhibition proposes a way of looking at things and so distancing ourselves from what we are and where we are going.



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