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Colors #1 on iPad

Year: 2010

Authorship: Fabrica Interactive

The elusive first issue of COLORS is available for all those who have loved it or simply heard about it. Coinciding with the European launch of iPad, issue 1 of COLORS gets a new lease of life, thanks to an application developed for iPad, downloadable from the end of May 2010 from the Apple Store.
Published in 1991 under the guidance of Tibor Kalman and Oliviero Toscani, COLORS issue n° 1 aimed to go beyond the boundaries of the traditional magazine world, with its celebrity profiles, fashion pages and DIY columns. With an original style combining irony and simplicity, COLORS focused more on the cultural life of our planet, environmental problems, the customs and traditions of different people around the world.
This issue of COLORS made publishing history, because it marked the beginning of an adventure along a frontier between reportage-style journalism and revolutionary graphics, introducing a new way of communicating via magazine.
Issue n° 1 will be just the first in a series of issues and projects of COLORS to be made available for iPad over the coming months.



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