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Bricolage Couture

Year: 2007

Authorship: Amélie Marciasini (Sweden)

Bricolage couture is a mini collection consisting of six limited edition outfits created, on basic silhouettes, out of several experiments with simple materials, such as jersey and denim.

The aim is to increase the value of the basic wear, give the material a new identity and the wearers a possibility to have a different relationship to what they wear and what it communicates. This by playing with traditional and untraditional techniques inspired by the structures and uses of textiles in various fields. The collection, all menswear and totally handmade by Amélie, investigates the relation between time and value (time is used to measure the value of an item) and questions it by mixing intuitive creativity and time taking crafts.


It was one of the winning collections of the fashion competition +46 Select. Shown at the Swedish avant-garde fashion venue +46 during Stockholm Fashion Week 2007.



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