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Branding Kosovo Trailer


Authorship: Diego Hurtado de Mendoza. Editing: Babak Karimi; Sound Design and Mix: Francesco Novara, Andrés Reymondes; Fabrica Production

The full lenght documentary titled "Branding Kosovo" is a one-man trip into one of the most recent conflicts in Europe. It is a film about the creation of the symbols, the State flag and the new anthem, that represent the identity of the newest country in the world, The Republic of Kosovo. 

Directed by the young Fabrica resident, Diego Hurtado De Mendoza and produced by Fabrica, the documentary participated to several documentary film festivals, including Documenta Madrid and won the Opera Prima Doc Award at the Potenza Film Festival, 2009.


I was home on February 17th, 2008, sitting in front of the television watching Kosovo declare its independence.

What struck me then was not that a country was being created. It was the flag. Of course, a new country needs a new flag. A symbol that represents its identity. So how do you design it? How do you choose the colours or shapes that say: "This is what I am and this is what I stand for". I had no answers to these questions so I grabbed my camera, and 21 days later I landed in Prishtina, capital of the new Republic of Kosovo.

In competition at Documenta Madrid.

"Opera Prima Doc" Prize at Potenza International Film Festival.



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