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Attenti Per Chi Amiamo for INAIL

Year: 2008

Authorship: Namyoung An

Inail, Italy’s National Workplace Safety Authority, has asked Fabrica to develop an unconventional communication campaign aimed at raising awareness of accidental on-the-job injury.



Each year 250,000 workplace accidents – five a day - take place in Italy. Yet workers often disregard official safety messages.

Fabrica designer Nam Young An theorized that delivering the same safety messages through one of the worker’s loved family members would produce better results, as a home-grown emotional motivation tends to stick better than that which feels imposed.

This is the idea behind “care bracelets”: simple gifts from a worker’s family to be put on the wrist and reminding to stay safe at work: "Be careful love", "Be careful mum", "Be careful dad" are the messages embossed on them.

The hope is that the bracelets will imbue in the worker a sense of dual responsibility, both for their life and for their family waiting at home.

As many Italian workers are immigrants, the messages have been translated into a variety of languages, such as Arabic, Ukrainian and Romanian, to encourage as many workers as possible to wear the bracelets.


Ann Namyoung:

 "As I worked on this campaign, I thought of the people around me: my parents, siblings and friends. No matter which job they have, they each work extremely hard, all day, towards their future and that of those they love. Staying safe in the workplace should be double responsibility, both for themselves and for those around them.
The difference between this campaign and many other bracelet campaigns is that these small gifts will be given by the families or lovers of the worker’s, the messages on the bracelets representing their voices. My hope is that the voices of loved ones can protect many from the various dangers they face at work.”



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