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Apparel design for the Benetton’s Tibet/China social campaign

Year: 2008

Authorship: Namyoung An, Joshua Levi

In occasion of the recent Olympics held this year in Beijing (China) Namyoung An (South Korea) and Joshua Levi (New York) created apparel graphics to accompany Benetton’s Tibet/China social campaign.


Joshua Levi:

“We were given very tight time constraints, for both design and production. Given the pace, the process was very collaborative. We were continually sketching, discussing ideas, and either digging deeper within a given concept, or moving on to the next. Within two days we had developed over forty designs, and upon review, were able to narrow it down to the chosen few. The existing campaign photograph, consisting of a Tibetan monk and a Chinese soldier praying together, guided a good amount of the design and decision making, insuring a unified result with other campaign material. We were all pleased with the outcome and how both the shirts and campaign really came alive in retail location.


At the end of two days of full-immersion work, two concepts, one photographic and the other typographic were ready to be printed. The shirt’s were then released in Benetton flagship stores worldwide coinciding with the beginning of the Olympic games on August 8th.











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