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Year: 2011

Authorship: Dean Brown (UK)

Analogue Box by Dean Brown, is concerned with varying degrees of privacy. Small precious objects are placed inside and covered over by placing building blocks over the entry way. The box is never simply open or closed, instead there is a sense of the analogue in the way it slowly closes over, through incremental intervals of openness and secrecy. This impression of highlighting closedness is continued by the presence of an LED light, positioned inside the box, spotlighting the cherished contents.

Analogue Box is commisioned by the Granville Gallery for the exhibition "Les Coffrets Aux Secrets"  in Paris (26th November 2011 - 6th January 2012)


Credits and Specifications

Design: Dean Brown / Fabrica

Lighting Design: David Penuela / Fabrica

Photography: Gustavo Millon / Fabrica

Dimensions: 360 x 182 x 137 mm

Material: laquered MDF, Natural Oak, Pine, Walnut & Frosted Glass


Exhibition - Les Coffrets Aux Secrets

Granville Gallery,

23 Rue du Départ,

Métro Montparnasse,

75014 Paris


26th November 2011 - 6th January 2012

Opening: 26 November, 14.00 - 20.00 h


Commissioned by:
Granville Gallery



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