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Year: 2005

Authorship: Aldo Cibic with Tommaso Corà (Italy), Luca Mathia Bertoncello (Italy), Valentina Carretta (Italy), Meric Kara(Turkey), Bethany Koby (Usa), Francesco Meneghini (Italy), Alejandro Mingarro de Uria (Spain), David Neustein (Australia), Massimo Parolin (Italy), Andres Reymondes (Argentina), Keren Rosen, Andrea Santamarina (Spain), Matteo Zorzenoni (Italy)


“A Perfect Weekend” is a story that offers us alternatives for living better and more consciously than before. A story that takes the shape of a tent or several tents but isn’t a story about camping. And, if anything, is an enticement to be sociable and spend time with others. To rediscover basic, old-fashioned values without rejecting or losing that pleasure and quality of things that makes life better.

“A Perfect Weekend” is an economically (and ecologically) sophisticated answer of apparent and manic luxury, or of downward ratification. Which is why the “5 star” tent, to use a standardized code, was made as an alternative route and reality to the insane crowding of mass movement and becomes the icon for a new lifestyle.

“A Perfect Weekend”, by complimenting the design with detailed socioeconomic research, aims to open new roads to consumption of objects that reduce consumption over time, to rediscovering the quality and core of things, without falling into an impoverished aesthetics.

“A Perfect Weekend” springs from reflection on the reduced buying power of the middle classes, but is also an attempt to reeducate people in material and immaterial values, ethics and aesthetics. While at the same time searching for materials, form and structure. 

In harmony with space.




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