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May 16, 2013

BERG, the London based product invention and design studio, is excited to welcome Fabrica as the launch partner for Sandbox – a collaborative research and development program for the prototyping and creation of a new generation of connected products and services.

Sandbox is a global program for academic and industry partners, based on BERG Cloud, the world’s friendliest and most complete Internet of Things and connected products platform. Sandbox comprises a campus-wide BERG Cloud network, dev boards, and product invention workshops enabling each partner organisation to prototype and develop their own connected products.

From their Italian headquarters, a seventeenth century villa restored and enlarged by Tadao Ando, Sandbox will allow Fabrica to work with their own researchers, partners and clients to prototype connected objects, spaces and experiences, as media, arts, government, retail, healthcare, community, built environment and other sectors continue to be transformed by communications technologies.

Dan Hill, CEO of Fabrica said “Sandbox is a unique opportunity for Fabrica’s researchers to imagine and prototype how these new connected objects and spaces will begin to radically change the way we live, work, play, organise and communicate. Going beyond the hype around 'smart cities' and Internet of Things, we are layering these technologies over our wonderful building to create a unique, open demonstrator - to help both us and our clients understand what it truly means to live and work with these exciting possibilities."

Matt Webb, CEO of BERG said “Sandbox is a unique global collaborative effort that will link the sharpest and most inquisitive creative minds with BERG Cloud the friendliest and most complete platform for connected products.”

As BERG opens Sandbox up to more partners over the summer, each is able to opt to share their experiences and insights with each other via quarterly round-tables. Partners are actively encouraged to show-and-tell their work and experience, and potentially collaborate together on connected products which make use of BERG Cloud.
This collaboration with BERG recognises once again Fabrica’s role in exploring new approaches and possibilities in the creative use of technology, confirming the long tradition of interactive projects developed by the centre since its foundation in 1994.

You can download images of Fabrica and the BERG Cloud Dev Kit from http://cl.ly/0g0D3s0x433v

About BERG
BERG have been developing products for the future since 2003 from their base near Old St at the heart of the cluster of tech and product companies around Tech City and Silicon Roundabout.

BERG’s first connected consumer product Little Printer, launched to great acclaim in September 2012 and is currently shortlisted in the Design of the Year competition at the Design Museum in London.

BERG Cloud is the world’s friendliest and most complete Internet of Things and connected products platform - a secure, stable and extendable operating system, hardware platform and developer tools, making it as easy and cost-effective to develop connected products as it currently is to develop for the web.

Fabrica is the communication research centre of Benetton Group. It was created in 1994 with the aim of combining culture with industry and offering young people from around the world an opportunity for creative growth and multicultural, multidisciplinary interaction.

Fabrica invites young artists and designers to its centre, offering them a one-year residency and providing them with a training opportunity and a wealth of resources and relations, by working on real projects for a wide range of clients. The young researchers develop cultural and social communication projects in the areas of design, visual communication, photography, interaction, video, music and publishing, working with Fabrica's full-time faculty.

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