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Colors magazine

Established in 1991, under the editorship of Tibor Kalman, with the premise that diversity is positive and that all cultures have equal value, today COLORS is part of the publishing activity of Fabrica, Benetton's communication research centre. COLORS' editorial offices are situated in Fabrica's architectural complex, restored and enlarged by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, and it has a network of external collaborators in the four corners of the earth.

Pictures are, above all else, COLORS' expressive medium: a method that is universal and reaches the greatest number of people with a strong, immediate impact. Using this visual language, COLORS' themes alternate between the challengingly serious, such as ecology, wars around the world, the fight against aids, and the frankly frivolous such as shopping, fashion, and toys.

COLORS is a quarterly magazine read by young adults across the world. It is sold in over 40 countries; until now, its three editions were published in four languages. COLORS is also a website, one of the most popular and critically acclaimed sites on the Internet.

The full series of COLORS issues was included in the 25/25 exhibition at the Design Museum, London (29 March-22 June 2007), which featured the 25 most influential design objects of the past 25 years. The magazine has received media accolades from all over the world, such as for example Good Magazine, an American bi-monthly cultural and lifestyle publication, which included the first thirteen issues, under Tibor Kalman’s editorship, in the ranking of the 51 best magazines of all times. Recently Colors has been included in Inside the great magazines, a documentary trilogy produced in Canada that explores the evolution of magazines from their European origins to their current popularity and the powerful influence they have on our social, political and cultural identities.